Profile of Shankar Adisesh

Shankar Adisesh is a Chemical Engineer from IIT Mumbai, India. He has over 40 years of experience in liquid - solids separation, non ferrous mineral beneficiation, water treatment, wastewater treatment and membrane desalination process. He has had the privilege of executing from concept to commissioning many challenging projects in these areas worth several hundred million Dollars. He has recently taken to digital photography very seriously and considers himself to be a “Passionate Photographer”.

His areas of photography are: Nature including landscapes, seascapes, river scapes, Portraits in naturally available light, Street photography, Travel photography and photographing temples and monuments. He is profoundly fascinated by the architecture, layout, sculpture, form and style of ancient Indian temples, Churches and historical monuments. He firmly believes that “A photograph must either convey beauty or an emotion or tell a story. Anything else would just be information” and works towards achieving this goal.

In March 2012 he had put up an exhibition of his photographs of five important Pallava Temples of South India which were built around the 7th and 8th century AD. The exhibition was open for a week. The Hindu (a prominent English newspaper of India) carried a detailed article of the exhibition on page 2 of its March 29, 2012 edition under the caption: “Seeing Pallava architecture through a shared lens”.

He nurses a deep desire to photograph some of the ancient temples and monuments of India and write a book of short stories on the inception & importance of these monuments with children as the target audience. The entire proceeds of this venture would be made available for the education and medical treatment of children who are either orphaned or abandoned. He hopes to fulfill this desire in his life time.