Arunachalam Chockiah(non-registered)
I am a lay man. (Esp. in your art of photography.) But I love good photos.
Nice collections well done
happy birthday wishes(non-registered)
happy birthday wishes You've remarkable info on this site.
Neat Site, Maintain the fantastic job. Thanks a ton! patience
Suvadip Sanyal(non-registered)
I am elated to see your collection of photos. One thing that can really transcend the beauty of your photos is your passion for art. I shall be delighted if you regularly post photos in INDIAN ART AND ARCHITECTURE (on Facebook) so that the rich tapestry of our culture and heritage is posited before all and sundry. Thank you.
Suvadip Sanyal, 27th May, 2017.
Shibalik Choudhury(non-registered)
Lovely collections of Portrait capture. Really love the light and vivid colours in each captures of yours Mr. Shankar ji.
Amaresh Patil(non-registered)
I really like your Website Sir , the way of description note to place of Visit & nice Photography..!
S R ramesh(non-registered)
Kailasgiri Hills photographs are truly fascinating. The Bay of Bengal backdrops are excellent and the sky with orange colours of the setting sun takes the cake. I do not know how the cable car would be post the cyclone but your photographs give rise to yearning in the heart to visit the place.
V. Narayanan(non-registered)
Dear Mr Shankar,

It is really amazing the interest you have shown in this field of photography. Most of the shots taken by you are marvellous. Keep experimenting for ever.
Karthik g3(non-registered)
The photos perfectly capture the grandeur and richness of architecture in India . Hope you get a few shots of chennakeshava temple in fading sunlight . Hampi was my personal favourite . Kudos on your efforts
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