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"Dwar" means door and Dwarka literally means doorway - doorway to the western part of India. After the main temple which is dedicated to God Krishna the second most important temple in Dwarka is the Rukmini temple - a cute little temple dedicated to Rukmini - the most important of the many wives of God Krishna. Rukmini is also considered as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. As is the case of all temples there are stories attached to the inception of this temple too.

One such story runs like this:

It is said that once Krishna and Rukmini happened to see Sage Durvasa and invited him for lunch. It is well known that Sage Durvasa had a fiery temper and in fact in India if anyone has a short temper it is common to refer him as one who has the temper of Durvasa! Durvasa agreed to come for lunch but on condition that the chariot in which he was to travel shall be pulled by Krishna and Rukmini. Both Krishna and Rukmini agreed to this condition and started pulling the chariot. However, on the way Rukmini felt thirsty and requested Krishna to give her some water. Krishna prodded the earth with his toe and released some water from the earth to quench her thirst. To their misfortune Sage Durvasa saw this and cursed them. Why - because in Hindu tradition it is improper for the hosts to eat or even drink water before the guests have eaten and this is considered to be improper and showing disrespect to the guest who happened to be none other than the great sage Durvavsa who cursed that both Krishna and Rukmini shall stay separated and hence the shrine of Rukmini is about 2 kms from the shrine of Krishna.

This place is on the sea coast and devoid of any perennial source of sweet water. In fact water had to be fetched from far off places in the bygone eras. Another interesting aspect learnt here is that in this temple it is considered auspicious to offer water to the departed souls and hence many pay a subscription to the temple for the offering of water to the departed souls in their family.

Enjoy the photographs.

Shankar Adisesh

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