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K Shanmuga Sundaram has undergone a long and complicated training to become one of the leading male Bharatanatyam dancers in Chennai, India. A star disciple of Guru K J Sarasa, he has many solo performances and dances with leading Bharatanatyam dance personalities to his credit. An A Grade artist, he has received several awards and won many prizes including the esteemed Tamil Nadu Government Young Talent Award. Besides performing regularly in India and abroad, Shanmuga Sundaram leads a successful dance school, Sathir, in Chennai.

He is an exceptionally accomplished and talented dancer and can hold his ground against any of the leading female performers in this field. Bharatanatyam has been predominantly the domain of the female artists and to establish one as a recognized artist in this field dominated by female artists is no small achievement and is a testimony to his mastery over this art form.

The man behind the Narthaka Festival (celebration of the male perspective of Bharatanatyam), which recently completed its sixth edition, is excited about the way the fest is shaping up every year.

"It was a dream that came true. In our society, when a boy or a man wants to pursue dance as a career, it's not a cakewalk. He has to overcome the disinclination from his family, who would rather see him pursue a job that has a steady source of income. Despite the fact that dancers like Birju Maharaj, Uday Shankar and Gopi Krishna have earned accolades for their work, male dancers do not receive a lot of encouragement when compared to their female counterparts. But if one takes a close look at the dance scene, one would realize that some of the best in the field of Bharatanatyam have been trained by male Dance Gurus!! .

To know more about Shanmuga Sundaram you may follow the link below for an interesting article on him.


His performance that evening was captivating and had the audience totally mesmerized.

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Shankar Adisesh

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