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Shilpa Sethuraman

Shilpa Sethuraman is a young and a talented Bharatanatyam dancer who gave her dance performance in Chennai this season in January 2013. She started to learn Bharatanatyam dance at a tender age of 3 from her mother Madhusri Sethuraman and gave her “Arangetram” (the first solo dance performance which a dancer gives on the stage once he/she has attained a certain degree of proficiency in this art form) at the age of nine in the year 2000. Thereafter there has been no stopping and by now she is estimated to have given 200 plus performances all over the world.

She is student at the Stanford University, California, USA and blends academics and art in a beautiful fusion. Her dancing acumen indicates that she has all the potential for top notch billing in the years to come.

It was a pleasure to watch this young dancer perform on the stage and a challenge to capture the “Abhinaya” and the “Mudras” during the course of the performance as she went through the various movements and expressions as called for in the lyrics of the classical music while keeping the steps in sync with the beat of the “Mridangam” (a South Indian percussion instrument)

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Shankar Adisesh

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