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I took some time off from the monuments to photograph people in and around Hampi.
Street and travel photography are very fascinating and some of the most extraordinary situations and expressions have been captured by the photographers of this genre.

We met some very common people. These are the people who are happy and content under any circumstances – great gift of God to have this mental makeup and ability. They do not have a care in the world. For them what is past is past, the future is uncertain and so they live in the present and make the best of life and happily spending their time.

We met one such group. People with limited resources but with plenty of wanderlust. This group (women in red saris) was from Bengaluru (Bangalore as it was previously called. In India we have the penchant to rename our cities and streets in the local language and bestow recognition to local prominent personalities mostly posthumously). On account of the limited resources they would travel in the local bus, carry with them enough pots and pans to cook food for the entire group. They carried the rice, pulses, a gas cylinder, stoves etc. Vegetables would be purchased locally and the food cooked – mostly rice, a sauce and a vegetable. Food cooked fresh, served hot and what more do you want! They would perhaps spend their time chatting about everything under the Sun and sleep under the starry skies. They were happy, content and seemed to have a great holiday.

You will observe from the photograph that almost all the women in the group are wearing a red sari. This is the color of the garment that women and men wear when they visit a particular temple in a place called Melmaruvathur Tamil Nadu about 90 kms from Chennai. They had visited this temple before coming to Hampi.

God does not give you all that you want and ask for. But He has His own calculations gives one what one needs to survive as per His reckoning.
Lets us all be content and happy with what we have.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh

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