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This is one of the structures constructed in the Indo Islamic style of architecture. From the outside it looks pretty ordinary but when you get inside you see the marvelous architecture envisaged by the Vijaynagara architects. For some reason it is called the Queen’s Bath but was most probably used by the Kings and other members of the Royalty. Outside the building there is a circular water channel and perhaps there might have been a bridge so as to isolate the structure when in use.

Our swimming pools and spas pale into insignificance when you see the beauty and the architecture of the Queen’s Bath. It’s squarish and is about 6 feet deep. A corridor runs on all the four sides with domed roof and Islamic type of arches. The roof has exquisite carvings of lotus like petals arranged in symmetrical border. The corridor has balconies jutting into the pool and each balcony has arched openings looking into the pool. The whole pool is open to the sky.

This brick lined pool is now empty. But it’s believed once fragrant flowers and perfumed water filled this bathing pool. At one end of the veranda you can see a flight of steps giving access to the pool. The domical roof of veranda is a spectacle itself. On floor of the pool there is socket and is it could be possible that this was meant hold a pillar to support a canopy over the pool.

A simple but elegantly designed complex for the use of the Royalty but one that fills you with awe and admiration.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh
Queen's Bath. December 2013Queen's Bath. December 2013Queen's Bath. December 2013Queen's Bath. December 2013Queen's Bath. December 2013Queen's Bath. December 2013Queen's Bath. December 2013Queen's Bath. December 2013

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