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Cedarburg is a small but incredibly charming town in Ozaukee County of Wisconsin State with an estimated population of about 12,000. The Cedar Creek runs thru this town. Another small but incredibly charming town of Grafton is located very close to Cedarburg.

One of the important landmarks in Cedarburg is the Cedarburg Woolen Mill which was started more than 100 years ago and perhaps one of the few facilities in those days to have its own power generator. Eventually the Woolen Mill closed down and in its place now stands one of the finest wineries - Cedar Creek Winery which has been in operation for about 40 years.

It is said that Senator John McCain, the Republican candidate who contested against President Barack Obama in the last Presidential election in 2008 started his campaign from the town of Cedarburg after accepting his nomination.

The town is dotted with shops selling artifacts, restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops and the famous Sals Pizza.

An important Art Center is also located here which regularly holds exhibition of paintings. I was fortunate to see one such exhibition on the day of my visit and came across this very moving and touching story which was narrated thru many photographs:

"Joe Demler a student of Port Washington School (Port Washington is another beautiful town and I have uploaded two albums) enlisted for an assignment in World War 2. He was immediately drafted to fight the "Battle of the Bulge" Joe was injured and thrown into the Nazi prison camp where he endured the horrors of war including the daily threat of being put to death by the most horrific means. Upon his liberation from near death and starvation Joe said that he would live a life considering "From now on Everyday is a Bonus" Joe was honoured with the "Stars and Stripes Flight" Honour. The LIFE Magazine published his photograph in 1945 calling him the "Human Skeleton". Many have adopted the above words of Joe as their mantra and have had these words printed on their shirts and jackets. Joe is an active social service volunteer and frequently speaks in schools and colleges.

People like Joe Demler are living examples of fortitude and courage and forever would inspire the generations to come.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh

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