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The Duke Falls is one of the many interesting water falls in North Georgia. Many waterfalls are located in North of Georgia. The trail to the water fall is interesting as it gradually descends to the base of the water fall. A part of the trail is on wooden board - boardwalk leading up to the water fall.

We had been to this place towards the end of October and therefore were fortunate to see and experience the Fall colours in Georgia State. Needless to say the entire scenery was breathtakingly beautiful with rich Fall colours and the trail strewn with the autumn leaves.

While making the hike safe for visitors the State authorities have ensured that the natural pristine beauty of the forest area is is well maintained with no damage to the environment or the the ecology.

On the way back we stopped by at a small village store selling a lot of farm made produce. Fall is the season of "Pumkins" . There are pumpkins all over the USA at this time - with pumpkin wine, preserves, liqueur, candles and many more items with pumpkin as the base material. Hence took a few shots of some of the interesting items that were there on display in this farm store.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh

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