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We visited a very interesting grocery store in St. Louis. Many of you would have seen many food stores in international location selling grocery items of your country. But what I saw in St. Louis in this store was mind boggling.

This is a story of fortitude, courage, grit, determination and never say "I give up" attitude. This store is owned by an immigrant Thai who came to USA many years ago. He went thru ups and down in business and was many a times out done and out maneuvered by the local competitors. But the indomitable spirit in him never allowed him to give up. Using a shrewd business sense he bought over a store space that was going out of business and set up this International Grocery Store - Global Market to cater to the requirements of the local as well as the international community residing in St. Louis. The grocery items are imported from all over the world and you can find grocery items of almost any country of the world in this store. You will find almost anything that you need for Indian cooking whether South Indian, Punjabi or even Malayalam cuisine. Everything is there including Ponni Rice and Idly Rice!! all neatly arranged and conveniently stacked. At times you will also find the owner himself physically moving and stacking the goods. Truly a hard working entrepreneur. Hard works certainly pays rich dividends. Here is another example.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh

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