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Pulicat has a long a and an interesting history. Around the 13th century a few boat loads of Arabs who were expelled for not paying tributes to a new Caliph landed in this place. They brought with them amongst many things huge earthen ware pots that can keep drinking water in tact even for a period of one year. Photographs of these pots which are more than 700 years old are in this album for you to see.

The Arabs were follwed by the Portugese in early 1500 AD and then by the Dutch in early 1600 AD. The Dutch built a Church, a huge Fort - Fort Geldria from where they conducted their trade and commerce which has now vanished and around it's perimeter runs a road to Pulicat as it has been given to undertsnd. One of the most interetsing evidence of the Dutch settlement is the Dutch cemetery with tomb stones with intricate carvings and with details of the persons who are buried. The Cemetery is now under the protection of the Archeological Survey of India.

The Pulicat Lake is the second largest brackish water lagoon in India and is about 720 sq. kms. The Pulicat lake does an excellent balancing of the Buckingham Canal which is about 400 kms long. The Lake is now home to more than 25,000 migratory birds such as Pelicans, Herons, Egrets, Ducks, Fiammingo. Storks etc.

It was a hot and sunny day but the photo tour was most enjoyable. Thanks to AARDE Foundation a registerd not for profit Trust for arranging the tour.

I plan to present three albums. The first on - Pulicat which is this one. The second on the Temples and the third on the Dutch Cemetery.

In Tamil this place is also called "Pazhaverkadu" - which literally means Mangrove forests.

Enjoy the pictures.

An Energetic VolunteerThe Participants.Corn SellerLiving Life on My TermsAn Old House with Dutch type Roof TilesAncient Arabian Earthen Water PotsAncient Arabian Earthen Water PotsFlower BeautyTax Collection Office.A View of the Pulicat Lake.Another View of the Pulicat Lake

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