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If you happen to visit any of the tribal villages in the Koraput district of Odisha State you will not fail to see the local dance known as the "Dhemsa" or "Dhimsa" dance. This is a very interesting and a unique from of tribal dance where the participants - mostly girls and women hold each other around the waist or shoulder and move or sway in a rhythmic fashion sideways, forward, backwards and then move in circular, zig zag or a in wavy manner to the beat of the drums and the music. According to tribal researchers, Dhemsa is an age-old dance form of the tribals in Koraput district and quite popular among the Parajas, Gadabas, Bhumias, Bhotras and the Kandhs tribes.

The Dhemsa dance has a certain composition, style, rhythm, body language, traditional costumes, hairstyle, footsteps, etc. Its music is also exceptional. Like the life of tribals, there is nothing artificial about this dance and this is the main reason for its wide acceptance," Koraput-based tribal researcher Paresh Rath said.

It is not only performed on festive occasions in tribal villages, but also is a method of relaxation for tribals after a hard day's work. For them, it is the prime mode of entertainment which also helps in restoring harmony and brotherhood in their communities. It is performed while welcoming a new guest into one's family as well as to get over the sorrow caused by the death of a family member. It fosters bonds between two lovers, which culminate into marriage.

On the day we were near one of the villages - the women folk came out in good numbers and performed the Dhemsa dance for us. The colourful dress, the flowers, the lush greenery of the environment against the mountain backdrop formed an ideal and an enchanting location for such a dance. Any film producer would have immediately settled for this environment to film a dance sequence.

We enjoyed the perfomance and also had the opportunity for some photography.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh
Dhemsa DanceDhemsa DanceDhemsa DanceDhemsa DanceDhemsa DanceDhemsa DanceDhemsa DanceDhemsa DanceDhemsa Dance

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