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I am giving a description of the place -

Courtesy AARDE Foundation.

"The new cemetery, which is three centuries old, is located at the southwest corner of the f o r t . I t c o n s i s t s of a total of 77 graves. Most of the graves belong to the Dutch and most of them have detailed carving on the tomb stones. Five graves have structures built over them. Three of these graves have arched pavilions with detailed cornice and band work supporting the vaulted dome on the top. Two of them are covered with Obelisk on the top with detailed rectangular offsets at the bottom.

The entrance gate to the cemetery is a semi circular arched opening. Two skeletons are inscribed on the supports on either side. The key stone is inscribed with a time fly. Words in Dutch language are inscribed on either sides of the key stone. On the left is inscribed a verse from the Apocalypse.

“Blessed are they who die in the lord they rest from their labour”

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh
Serious photographyEntranc to the CemeteryClose up of the to of the entranceAn Apt Symbol at the EntranceSkeleton 1 at the EntranceSkeleton 2 at the EntranceLandscape View of the CemeteryPortrait Shot of the Cemetery

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