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Once again a magnificent piece of Vijaynagara architecture constructed in the 15th century AD. The architecture seems to be of the Indo Islamic style. There are 11 huge arched opening to facilitate the passage of elephants. Most probably the Royal elephants were housed here.

These openings have five pairs of domes on top. There is a central dome which seems to have been damaged. The remnants of the structure of the central dome appear to suggest the presence of pillared hall. There are shallow niches and doorways in the walls between the enclosures. The domes are of circular, octagonal, ribbed and fluted design. Each of the camber is huge and provides ample space in front and back for the maintenance of the elephant. Looking at the size of the chamber the elephants could have been huge – bigger than the he normal ones.

There is also a structure to the left of the elephant’s stable. I am told that this structure was meant to house the elephant trainers and all the other staff connected with the maintenance and the management was the place.

Anything that the Vijaynagara rulers put had architectural excellence, elegance, style and class.

These are perhaps some of the structures to have suffered least damage at the hands of the invaders.

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