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I am presenting an album of 12 photographs depicting photograph of food.
This started essentially, during the pandemic of 2020. The Government of India imposed a lockdown for the first time during the third week of March 2020. It was a new experience. Everything was shut down including all shops, malls, food outlets, grocery stores etc. Life came to a standstill and confined indoors with the fear of the Corona virus spreading all over the place. Could not travel as transportation was withdrawn. No where to go. No travel. It was at this time my attention was turned to photography of food and still life. With the available stuff at home and with the available natural light and with improvised light cutters and diffusers I started photographing food for the first time.

This is the first set. As I progressed, I started reading articles on food photography, watched n number of videos, followed the works of innumerable authors towards a better understanding of this subject. There was never a dull moment!! Slowly the skill level improved, props and accessories and other elements were added. These photographs will come in the next series.

Enjoy the series and let me know as to what you think.

Shankar Adisesh
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