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Happy World Womens Day.

Do we celebrate this only once a year on March 8th? I think we need to celebrate Womens day 365 days a year for all the hardships that they bear, the amount of hours spent at work both in the office and at home, their scrifices in raising a family, looking after needs of the hosuehold, non stop chores to be attended to. Their work and sacrifces are endless. Rightly it is said of them Nari tu Narayani. How apt is this saying.

During my photography journey I met a lot of women - ordinary simple folks who toil hard day in and day out from morning to late evening only to earn some money to supprt their family and to educate their children. I have had the opportunity to talk to many of them and on many ocassions they have opened their heart out to me and mentioned in brief what life means to them. The stories at times can be gut wrenching. They have always been polite to me, smiled and talked sweetly. In talking to them I learnt one thing that the so called hardship that we talk about is nothing compared to what they are going thru yet manage to have a good laugh and smile. I have tried to capture this part of their expression at the opportune moment. One aspect common and remarkable in all of them is that despite numerous problems - they smile and at times have a good laugh with me. These ordinary women who toil hard are my heroines whom I admire no end.

I hope you will enjoy the photographs in as much as it was a great joy and fulfilling for me to photograph them.

Happy Womens day to all the women in my family, my frinds, relations - close and distant, in soceity who have in more than one way been a source of inspiration to me.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh
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