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The Wine and Harvest Festival at Cedarburg was a picture of interesting sights and sounds. One such sight was this scene that I saw. I do not know the names of these two youngsters but for the story line will call them Bob and Billy. These two brothers had set up a soft drink kiosk to sell the drink by the glass. There was a table and the dispenser and all the other accessories neatly laid out. While of them took care of the requirement of the customers the other efficiently managed the cash box, collecting the cash and returning the change after a careful count. Every now and then he would check and count the cash and neatly arrange it in the cash box. The free enterprise spirit of America was evident in these youngsters. This small kiosk set up by these two youngsters perhaps taught them the importance of working together in harmony and managing their respective areas efficiently - two of the many ingredients to run an enterprise successfully as demonstrated by Bob and Billy. This country encourages you to think and act independently regardless of age. No surprise if Bob and Billy grow up to become successful entrepreneurs in their adult life. Best wishes to Bob and Billy.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh

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