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Huligemma Devi Temple is located at Huligi near Hospet in Karnataka. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti – Huligemma is an incarnation of Goddess Renuka Devi – Durga. The popular belief is that she appeared at Huligi before two of her ardent devotees name Nagajogi and Basavajogi. Vyaghrapuri is a Sanskrit Name of holy pilgrimage centre Huligi. Huligi is an abode of Goddess Durga. This is a self manifested temple of her, located on the scenic Tungabhadra River. She has manifested herself in the form of an abstract rock.

There is an interesting form of worship here. You will see four round stones of different sizes and different weight. A devotee has to lift the stone of his/her convenience and pray and the story goes that Goddess Huligemma will grant you your wish. In the photographs you will see a devotee going thru the motions of the prayer. Hope her wishes come true!!

This is a powerful temple of Goddess Durga considering the crowd of devotes who come here every day.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh
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