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An earlier album had photographs of the lively Oktoberfest at West Bend, WI.

This albums is about the Pancake making which was an important breakfast item on the menu that day. The pancakes had to be ready fresh and hot for the many visitors to the Oktoberfest. Hence some degree of automation was necessary for speed, quality and consistency.

I was fascinated by the pancake maker and his machine. The photographs depict the process from clean hot plates, the dough being poured on the four hot plates one after the other, the cooking of the pancakes and turning them (note the consistency of the colour on one side of the pancake which characterizes uniform cooking) and until they are fully cooked and ready to be served to a happy customer with"Apple Sauce" (my grandsons's tennis coach Rick would frequently say Criss- Cross Apple Sauce") and Strawberries yum yum!!.

Enjoy the pancakes and pictures.

Shankar Adisesh

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