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Sheboygan is the “Spirit on The Lake.” The city offers breath-taking views of Lake Michigan with sandy beaches to world-class sailing and fishing. The downtown district boasts of unique shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities. The City of Sheboygan is home to 36 beautiful parks totalling 705 acres, nature trails for biking or hiking, and about 15 kms of paved trails that provide a variety of outdoor recreation options. Sheboygan is a city in Wisconsin State. This is a cute little city with a population of about 100,000 plus. The city is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan and is about 80 kms from the nearest airport at Milwaukee. The State of Wisconsin is well known for milk and milk products especially cheese and is known as the Dairy State of the United States America.

We took a walk around the neighbourhood and presenting an album of photographs of beautiful houses, churches and street scenes.

Hope you like the album.

Shankar Adisesh
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