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Wisconsin State has many marshes and wet lands with areas of each marsh ranging from 1,500/2000 acres to as much as 35,000 acres. These marshes are home to a large variety of over 100 thousand resident and migratory birds and varieties of flora and fauna. These marshes and wetlands are under the strict supervision and control of the of the Sate Department of Natural Resources with elaborate rules and regulations that are systematically implemented.

Hunting is a big seasonal sport in Wisconsin State and birds, wolves and deer are usually hunted during the hunting season. This again is subject to a series of rules and regulations such as hunting permits, hunting season, the quantity of game that can be hunted and all these are under the watchful eyes of the authorities and the game wardens who monitor the activities of the hunters on the the public hunting grounds with skill, accuracy and diligence.

The Horicon Marsh is perhaps the largest marsh in Wisconsin State and also the largest extinct glacial cattail marsh in the whole of the USA. This marsh is about 32, 000 acres most of which is open water and cattail marsh. A portion of this marsh is under the control of the Wisconsin State while another portion comes under the regulation and control of the Federal Government of the USA.

We were there towards the end of September and so were fortunate to see the Fall Colours in all their glory. As the hunting season was about to open there were the hunters in their boats with the hunting dog to make a pre assessment of the the vantage spots to park themselves for the hunt. Also seen was a hunter having a paddle boat in his boat (a boat within a boat) This paddle boat is released in shallow waters to enable the hunter to get closer to the prey!. Ingenious are the ways of these hunters. Two pictures show a lone pelican. Our guide informed that this pelican had a damaged wing and therefore unable to fly. Sad and unfortunate. Hope by now the wing has healed and the bird is back to normal life.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh

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My cousin, who lives up, in Wisconsin
He likes to, go huntin, and wear a mocassin
For him, summer
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I have a cousin who lives up in wisconsin
He likes to drink beer and wear a mocassin
For him summer
Is a bummer
For anything above 32 is a roastin !
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