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In my earlier album I had mentioned about eateries at the Farmers market. One such outlet caught my attention. People were lining up for placing their orders and hence I felt this one is more popular than the rest. Most of the items on the menu were of meat options. However, one particular item ‘ ‘Crepes Florentine’ a vegetarian option caught my attention. There was long line of customers and hence three chefs preparing the orders. All done efficiently, hygienically and as if they were following a well-prepared SOP.

I was fascinated and asked one of the chefs if I could photograph. He said No problem, man – go ahead. This is how it is done:
#1 Two eggs are cracked to make well-cooked fried eggs,
#2 Simultaneously eggs, onions and meat are sautéed to the required level,
#3 A crepe is placed on the griddle and topped up with eggs, goat cheese and a pesto,
# 4 Once the onions, eggs, meat are well cooked these are placed inside the crepe and folded over along with the goat cheese, pesto and basil,
#5 The loaded crepe is now inside a cup and served out.
Steaming hot and right of the griddle and tasty. No wonder people were lining up at this outlet.
As for the taste, this was just out of this world!
Hope like the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh
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