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Oktoberfest is celebrated in West Bend with a lot of fun and frolic. The Oktoberfest is a very popular German festival, celebrated in Munich, Bavaria (Germany) for about 16 days from the last week of September to the first week of October and characterized by endless beer drinking.

But why Oktoberfest in Wisconsin State?. One of the reason could be that this State has climatic conditions very similar to Germany and Scandinavian countries which prompted migration from these countries to Wisconsin State many centuries ago. The migrant population brought along with them their dairy technology as also the technology to make wine and Root beer. Thus cheese and milk products are very famous in this State as also wine. The "Sprecher" brand of Root beer is manufactured in this State. Wisconsin is also known as the "Dairy State of USA". This is also perhaps the reason as to why many people here have names which typically sound German as their origin could be traced to German ancestors who settled down here.

The Oktoberfest could perhaps be the legacy left by the early German settlers to this State. It was great fun to be present at this festival with good food, music and dance.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Shankar Adisesh.

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