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The history of Soulard Farmers market goes back to the late 1700 when Antoine Soulard - one of the early French settlers acquired a piece of land for development. The land got into litigation and it was not until 1840 when the title of the land was handed over to the wife of Antoine Soulard. She set aside a part of this land and developed a Farmers market. Today, the Soulard Market is a vibrant place bustling with activities where people come over to purchase a variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat and dairy products etc. at competitive rates.

The sights were interesting. Ripe red peaches, cherries, variety of bell peppers, fresh spinach, yum yum potatoes both the normal as well as the red varieties, giant size Portobello Mushrooms ready to go into the burgers,
and "Hardy Mums". There was this smiling vendor - I will call her Ana and so snapped up a portrait shot of her in natural light. For the entertainment there were these two guys who braved the chill morning weather to greet the crowd with soulful music.

While there are restaurants to cater to your need for food around the Soulard Market this particular shop caught my attention. See the last picture. The menu indicates not only coffee and hot dogs but also "Bloody Mary", "Margaritas" and Irish Coffee made with Jameson Irish whiskey!! What a way to start the (early) morning!!

A poignant sight was a little bird that caught my attention. I was told that this is "Chinese chicken". This bird would have probably weighed a pound and was being constantly fed on apples to "fatten" for a better price as the owner told me. However many who came to the stall refused to buy the bird as it was too delicate. I do hope that this bird was spared and did not end up on someones's table as intended.

Enjoy the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh
Soulard Farmers Market. St. Louis. Missouri

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