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Folly Beach is small town South of Charleston and well known for the beach and restaurants. People throng to this beach for surfing, fishing, paddleboarding or simply to relax on the sun kissed beach. Folly is the Mecca for surfers, fishermen and those who like to have laid back beach lifestyle.
We were at this beach for an hour or so and had the opportunity to take a few pictures. Observed a few interesting scenes. To get to the beach one has to walk about a 1.50 kms from the main road. This road is full of interesting graffiti. Every square inch seems to be filled in. The beach is small but extraordinarily neat and clean. The sand is somewhat greyish and firm and hence walking along the beach is not strenuous. It was nice sunny and hot day and as luck would have it there was a deep blue sky with nice cloud patterns.
I hope you like the album.

Shankar Adisesh
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