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Fort Moultrie

William Moultrie was an American politician who later on became a General in the American Revolutionary War. He led an army in 1776 against the British and prevented them from occupying the city of Charlestown. Fort Moultrie has been named in his honour.

A beautiful place with lush greenery the Fort Moultrie houses a variety of weapons that were used in those days during the war. The corridors and cells inside the fort have been preserved perhaps the way it looked back in the 18th century.

Memorial Park

When we visited this park here again, we saw cannons and cannon balls that were perhaps used in the war against the British. Hence it is nice to view both these albums together.

There was also a Waterfront Park with fountains nearby and two pictures from the Waterfront Park have also been included in this series.

I hope you like the pictures.

Shankar Adisesh
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