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This is one of the recent excavations in Hampi. For reasons that are not clear this temple has been built underground. The temple does not have a Gopura (entrance tower structure of a South Indian temple) or Vimana (the tower structure over the sanctum sanctorum). The roof structure is flat and not of the traditional design. On account of the fact that the temple has built underground the main parts of the temple are always under water and it is said that during the monsoon period one would have to wade thru water to reach the main parts of the temple! To the rear of the temple is Mantapa (hall) with stone pillars and exquisite carvings on the columns characteristic of the Vijaynagara design.

On the way to Hampi and a few kilometers before your hit the entrance of the Hampi town you will come across a small temple dedicated to God Murugan or also known as Subramanya. This is a colourful temple and a little further is the Samadhi (resting place) of the person who conceived and built this temple many years ago. The Samadhi is laid out in a very picturesque surrounding full of trees and greenery and if you look to the right of the Samadhi you will also see some clay peacocks which look so real from a distance that I was almost startled to see them from a distance.

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