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Lookout Mountain is a mountain ridge located along the south-eastern Tennessee state line in Chattanooga. Lookout Mountain was the scene of the 18th-century "Last Battle of the Cherokees" in this area. On November er 24, 1863, during the American Civil War, the Battle of Lookout Mountain took place here. The Incline Railway drops you off at the top and one has to walk to reach the top of the lookout Mountain for a scenic view of the Chattanooga town below.

The Incline Railway is perhaps one of the most unique in the world and the world’s steepest incline railway system built in 1895. The ride is about a mile plus and reaches an elevation of about 1500 feet reckoned from the starting point. The entry is well regulated (no standing passengers or hanging on to the foot board), comfortable seating that gives every one a view of the landscape as the coach chugs along. One of the most one-mile scenic ride that we ever had. Excellently engineered the ride was smooth and start and stop designed to perfection. I was intrigued to see large fans kept in the station as well as in front of the coach t provide cool air to the passengers during summer when it gets really hot. These are large fans working on the principle of evaporative cooling and so very effective.

We had a great time enjoying the scenic beauty and photography.

Shankar Adisesh
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